Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through simple biblical teaching and genuine spiritual relationships.
Join us Sunday at 10am as we worship and learn together.

This Week At Calvary Chapel of Rochester 7/26/15

Sunday Morning
10am*1 John 3:10-23 – “Love One Another” - Pastor Geoff Brede

Meditation: 1 Timothy 1:5
“Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience,
and from sincere faith,…”

 Sunday Evening
6pm*  - Genesis 22 - Pastor Geoff Brede

Weekly Bible Studies
Click HERE or check the bulletin board at CCR for more information. 

Tuesday Morning
11am  - Seniors & Retirees Bible Study

Thursday Evening
7pm*  - Luke 3:21-36 – “The Baptism of Jesus” – Pastor Geoff Brede
7pm - Youth Study

10am* - Ladies Prayer

7am - 
Men’s Bible Study
7pmGroup Prayer in the Cafe
7pm - College & Career Group Bible Study

* Childcare available.