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Steve and Tina Same have enjoyed working with Arise and Shine Evangelistic Association since 1988. They spent the first 5 years in the Philippine Islands proclaiming the Good News. When challenged by the ministry in 1992 to pick up and relocate to London, England, they joined ASEA’s pioneering effort. They now serve in urban street ministry, operating out of ASEA’s “London Outreach Center,” – a fully renovated former English “pub,” where they evangelize among the city’s 11 million people.

Steve Same began ministry in London following the example of British church reformers William Booth, George Whitfield, and John Wesley. The Same’s preach on the streets, in parks, pubs (bars), markets, buses, and commuter trains. And like the Reformers, they are getting mixed results. Steve has been spit on, mocked, threatened, pushed around, beat up, and even briefly jailed! But some have accepted Christ and the city is taking notice with ASEA being featured in several newspaper articles.
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