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Ramallah Christian Outreach
Home of New Life

The Home of New Life is a non-profit, non-political, Christian, tax-exempt, humanitarian organization. It was founded to host deprived children whose families were unable to provide basic necessities for their children. The children come from a variety of different backgrounds and beliefs. We provide a loving environment with a “sense of belonging” as well as caring for spiritual, physical and emotional needs. The need for an orphanage in Ramallah was so grave. Initially we accepted three children based on the great desire to help ease their suffering. After many prayers and much support we were able to open up the home in 1997. Today we are growing by the Lord’s power and help of loving friends.
Eleven boys,ages 5-15 live as brothers in a home and are encouraged to live a life of faith in Jesus according to the teaching of the Bible.

Nineteen boys and girls of different faiths are also assisted in their own environment by providing financial assistance easing the burden on their parents.

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