Taiwo & Zuza OnasanagaOur church began when George Zshemberi visited a Christian conference in Austria 1989. There he met Pastor Brian Brotherson from the USA and invited him to visit Yugoslavia, his village Bajsa near Backa Topola and to teach in the Evangelical church. The pastor of the church in Bajsa first agreed about Brian Brotherson teaching there, but when they arrived he changed his mind. Then George and Romeo from Topola made an arrangement, so finally Brian taught in Pentecostal church in Subotica. After the bible study, Brian suggested to go out to the center of the town to play some music and witness about Jesus. That day a few young people accepted Jesus in their hearts. Brian told Romeo to continue with witnessing on the streets and to teach bible studies for the new believers.

The studies were held in the center of the town called “monkey place.” Romeo asked Taiwo Onasoga, who attended and ministered in the Pentecostal church, to help with teaching and in the work with the youth. After 2 months of work with the youth, a team arrived from USA led by Mike Harris. From that moment Mike, Romeo, Taiwo and Tibor Varga worked as a team. Their goal was to spread the Gospel in Yugoslavia. Their mission fields were Subotica, Senta and Backa Topola. In Backa Topola these events were going on during 1990.

– Bible studies on Sundays and Fridays
– Place of the meetings were in Romeo’s house
– The bible studies were held by Mike and Tibor Varga

There were about 40 young people in the fellowship who were coming regularly to the studies, but many of them left because of the changes in the country -Yugoslavia as it was falling apart. About 15 of them stayed in the fellowship having a great need for a pastor. In January, 1993 Paxton Knaap and Jeff came and led the church in Topola. After 2 years of ministry Jeff went back to the USA and Paxton left for Romania to serve there. During their ministry Taiwo taught on Tuesdays and continued doing it as they left. Tibor would come time to time to teach too. After Jeff’s departure, Arpad Sloboda taught on Sunday. The church didn’t have a constant place of gathering during that time. Finally in 1994 the church would gather regularly in Arpad’s and Zsuzsa Csernai’s place.

From 1994 Taiwo Onasoga took over the responsibilities for the church. Sam Esperanza came to Topola in 1995 to assist Taiwo in the ministry. The fellowship grew in the knowledge of God’s Word. In 1998 the church moved to a building where it is in this present day. The Lord provided a place where we can come freely to worship Him, to listen to the bible studies and to have fellowship with one another.

All praise and honor to our Lord for His deeds which He accomplished here, for the people whom He used so we can have a place today where we can gather and grow in His Word.
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